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As a partner of Covermanager you can now offer your customers the smoothest solution for phone charging - always 30 minutes for free.

Small but effective.

The Naki station at a glance.

Enjoy a compact charging station with 8 powerbanks (5000mAh), each one coming with 3 charging cables (Lightning, Micro USB and USB-C) to charge any device (phone, tablet, some laptops, some cameras…).

All it takes is an electrical outlet and it works. No WiFi is required, the station comes with a 4G SIM card.

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You are a friendly place where people don’t worry about their phone battery level.

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We ensure all of this at no charge for you.

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We ensure all of this at no charge for you.

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What is Naki Power?

Naki allows your customers to charge their devices for free by scanning the Naki stations QR code. A powerbank will eject from the station with all cables included. The powerbank can be returned to any station. If the phone's battery is already dead there's an emergency cable on the side to help kickstart the phone.

What are the requirements to be eligible for this offer?

You have to be a Covermanager partner and have an outlet available. If there's no free space we can help you find a solution by mounting the station to the wall.

How big is the Naki station?

Width: 19.8 cm Height: 36.2 cm Depth: 21.5 cm

Why do the customer have to enter a payment method to enjoy the free 30 minutes?

Your customers can always enjoy 30 minutes for free at your place, but if they'd like to keep the powerbank for more than 30 minutes our normal pricing will apply (€ 1 per 30 minutes, maximum € 6 per day). If the powerbank is returned within 30 minutes it's 100 % free.

Questions about Naki Power?

Visit the Naki Power frequently asked questions .