Get's started with foodora.

If you are a foodora rider, you now have the free rental offered by foodora. Charge your phone on-the-go and return the powerbank to any Naki station.

Charge smarter.

Rent a powerbank when in need from one of the 2000+ Naki Stations throughout Europe, recharge your device and return it easily.

Rent as you need
Charge on-the-go
Always connected
Reduce e-waste
No more charging cables


Charge your phone for free.

Enjoy the free use of Naki whenever you need it, throughout the Naki network in Sweden. Simply scan a Naki Station with your Naki app, charge your device on the go, and return the powerbank to any Naki Station in town.

About this special offer

Everything you need to know about this special offer.
If you are looking for something else, such as powerbanks, stations, rentals and other stuff, please visit the Help Center.

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Can I enjoy the foodora free phone charging service?

Yes, but only if you are a member of the foodora crew with a registered phone number.

I am eligible for the promo. How can I activate it?

1. First, download the Naki app on your smartphone.

2. When logging in, be sure to enter the same phone number you use in your foodora app.

3. That's it! The Naki app will automatically activate the special offer on your account.

How long can I keep a Naki powerbank?

On a single rental, you can keep a powerbank up to 5 days. If you don't return the powerbank within, a non-return fee will be charged on you payment method.

Why do I need to set up a payment method since rentals are offered by foodora?

Because we want to make sure that you return the powerbank once you recharge your device. Also, using the service may result in a pre-authorization request on your payment method, but once the rental is over, this fund will be returned.

Term and conditions of the offer

The member of the foodora crew with a registered number use a Naki powerbank for free on each rental. After the expiry of the promotion period, the applicable rate will be charged. The free offer applies per mobile number registered in the Naki App that is part of the foodora partnership. The free offer is limited to the simultaneous use of 1 Naki powerbank per mobile number that is part of foodora. The applicable rates apply for the simultaneous use of a second, third, etc. Naki powerbank by the same user. To enjoy the free offer, the user must register in the Naki App with their mobile number that is part of the foodora crew, and the user must agree that his mobile number is shared with foodora in order to verify whether he / she is eligible for this free offer. If the user does not agree to the sharing of his mobile number with foodora, it cannot be verified whether he / she is eligible for the free offer and the free offer cannot be activated. Naki and foodora make reasonable commercial efforts to run the verification process smoothly, but they are not liable for any delay or unavailability of the verification of the user's mobile number. The free offer is exclusively for private use and is strictly personal. It is not permitted to pass on or make the free offer available, free of charge or against payment, to third parties. Naki and foodora reserve the right to temporarily or permanently withdraw the right to a free offer for a customer and / or user in the event of unlawful use of the free offer. The Services (as defined in Naki's terms - are provided solely by and under the responsibility of the Operating Entities (as defined in Naki's terms). Foodora is in no way involved in the provision of the Services, and does not accept any liability with regard to the Services and their delivery. Naki and foodora do not guarantee that the free offer is permanent, nor that it is unchangeable. The free offer can be changed or discontinued at any time without the need to state a reason. The user will be notified of this, at the latest before entering into a new transaction for the use of a Naki powerbank. Processing of personal data: The use of these services will give rise to the processing of personal data. Not foodora, but Naki acts as controller for the processing of personal data. Naki will process this personal data as set out in their privacy policy. In order to enjoy this promotion, you must give explicit permission for the data exchange between Naki and foodora. This data exchange is limited to the mobile number and confirmation of whether or not it is linked to an active foodora crew member account.

Term and conditions of the offer